Trauma Reduction

Developmental trauma leaves deep emotional and often physical scars. It leaves adult children feeling ashamed about who they are and about what happened (or in some cases what didn’t happen) to them. These scars are often hidden within destructive relationships, primarily with self and then with others, hidden behind addictions and mental health issues.

Trauma reduction work is a process that explores the family of origin to see where less than nurturing behaviors may have occurred. We then focus on the five core symptoms that lead to codependency. Through psycho-education and experiential work we connect to the wounded parts of self. A powerful part of the work is done in a small group as trauma is better healed in a witnessed process.

Trauma reduction is available as a stand alone 3 day process or depending on the individuals psychological awareness and emotional intelligence it can be integrated as part of a treatment plan.

Trauma Reduction Aftercare

We understand the depth of work involved in attending a trauma program is often difficult to maintain. The work and development achieved during your trauma reduction workshop is intense. Maintaining the depth of development and integrating new skills into your life and relationships can be tricky. Trauma aftercare is a weekly support group aimed to help the process of noticing who’s running the show, the Functional Adult, adapted Child or your wounded little one.

The group continues the psychoeducational work as well as a space fro experiential growth & learning.

New group starts Wednesday September 20th

Chris, a London based psychotherapist, works with individuals, couples and families who are struggling with one or more areas in their lives.

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