Relationship Therapy

For the majority of relationships change is a gradual process and therefore the impact is not always noticed until way down the line. This is often why so many people stay in relationships that splutter along, never taking the time to consider how much things may have changed and how the relationship is influenced by the changes.

Changes can be good or not so good; it may be financial change, job loss, birth of children, and death of loved ones, moving to a new home. All these and many more many changes occur and each will impact the relationship.

Relationship therapy is a process designed to assist couples in understanding the dynamics of their relationship to explore what is and what is not working. The aim is to provide a non-judgmental, unbiased and supportive view of the relationship in order to see what works and what may need to change.

Introducing effective communication, boundaries and esteem can all help to develop new bonds and new excitement and a deeper intimate connection.

However some relationships have run their course and the work is in ending.

Chris, a London based psychotherapist, works with individuals, couples and families who are struggling with one or more areas in their lives.

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